Al Sharpton Made A Crazy Statement About Gun Owners, People Are Furious At Him

Self=proclaimed “civil rights leader” Al Sharpton cannot seem to address a topic without turning it into an argument about racism and stoking division between America’s ethnic and cultural groups.

Reverend Sharpton was in full effect recently when he brought up the fact that there has been a rise in gun ownership among African-Americans, and he failed to see how it could possibly be part of a larger trend of gun ownership among all Americans, regardless of race. Instead, he blamed it on racism and President Donald Trump.

Stated Sharpton during a recent broadcast of PoliticsNation about why African-Americans are increasingly choosing to own firearms, “They don’t trust the Trump administration to protect them from the rise of white supremacist aggression that we have seen in the past year. The story of legal gun ownership among black Americans is as combustible as it is complex.”

He continued, “Some have contended that modern gun control begins not with school shootings but with the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, who in May of 1967 legally entered the California state house, brandishing shotguns and pistols to protest a bill proposed specifically to restrict their gun rights.”


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